The Benefits of Visualization

Mary Meckley

20 Jul 2022

What's one thing many high achievers do when they set big goals for themselves?

They do a mentally focused process called visualization.

Visualization helps you to become more of who you already are.

It isn't necessary to create an elaborate scenario for your future when you visualize. Simply step into your inner truth.

The process of visualization helps you align with your inner truth. It helps you to focus on what's most important to you. This allows you to move forward with grace and wisdom as you live your life.

The Benefits of Visualization

The benefits of the process of visualization are many. A few benefits are standouts when it comes to tapping into your inner wisdom.

1. Sharpens Mental Focus: The process of visualization helps you gain mental clarity. This sharpens your mental focus. You become really clear about what you need to do to follow your vision.

2. Improves Future Outlook: When you visualize, essentially, you are creating your future. This gives you so much more hope about the future, even in the midst of uncertainty. By visualizing your future, you don't allow the world around you to dictate what your future will be like.

3. Enhances Self-Esteem: When you have something to strive for, you naturally feel more confident. Visualization is like a north star guiding you towards what's best for you. You begin to trust the process of life because you have a clear idea of what you're aiming for in life.

4. Clarifies Goals: The process of visualization helps you clarify your goals around what you want, rather than on what you feel you should be doing. This allows you to make clear, focused decisions when planning goals.

5. Acts as a Roadmap: Your visualization process is like a guiding light leading you towards the right path for you, not anyone else. Life offers so many different options, the process of visualization allows you to choose the path that's right for you.

How to Do a Visualization

To do a visualization is simple. Yet, there are a few components to visualization that can greatly enhance your experience. Here are a few helpful pointers:

1. Sit up straight: Sitting with a straight spine helps to keep your mind focused. The process of visualization may create a new foundation in your life, so tuning into the alignment of your body is a small gesture that elevates the experience.

2. Gently elevate your eyes upwards: Elevating your eyes upwards helps to keep your thoughts uplifted. It's a good habit to do each time you meditate. You may notice a slightly elevated shift upwards in your mood when you gently uplift your eyes. You can uplift your eyes whether they are open or closed and receive the same subtle boost of energy.

3. Allow yourself plenty of un-rushed time to visualize: The process of visualization knows no boundaries. You might find that you gain instant clarity when you visualize. Or, you might find that it takes some time to slow down and connect to your visualization. Take care not to rush the process. Allow your mental focus to evolve at its own pace.

4. Focus on how you want to feel: Allow yourself to align with what you need most in your life. Tune into what your mind and body are revealing to you. What emotional states are currently taxing you? What emotions do you want to feel more of? When you gain clarity on what you need most in your life, it becomes much easier to visualize a future for yourself.

5. Take steps small, consistent steps towards implementing your visualization: Once you have a clear vision for your life, take a step towards your new future. It's important to take small steps consistently towards the life you've envisioned. Making changes too quickly, or doing too much too soon can derail your visualization efforts. 

Remember, the process of visualization is not magical thinking. Visualization is a clearly considered plan for your life. A visualization is something that is fully achievable. 

Above all, enjoy the process.

Visualization is an important process high achievers do for a good reason -- it works! 

You can take part in the highest achievement above all else which is living life with more peace, energy, and clarity. If you can visualize it, you can achieve it!

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