FAQ - sip and om APP

Q:  How do I access the sip and om app?

A:  We offer sip and om app on both iTunes and Adroid. Head over to your iTunes account and do a search for sip and om app. Do the same to find our Android version on Google Play. You'll see us pop up. Go ahead and click View On iTunes. There you're going to see all the details about the app including a way to subscribe to the app. Download it on your device. Open it up and start meditating!

Q: What devices can I listen on?

A:  sip and om app is offered on iTunes App Store or Google Play sotre. It is compatible with most iOS Android devices. You can download sip and om app from the Apple iTunes App Store or from Google Play.

Q:  What's included in the 2-Free Week subscription?

A:  Your free 2-week trial provides you with unlimited access to over 1,000 meditations plus a new one added daily. You also receive access to the weekly Slow Down Guides with each week's techniques organized for you on a printable pdf., the weekly Journal with daily reflection questions customized around the weekly theme, as well as access to our private Facebook group of meditators from around the world.

Q:  How do I update my account and cancel my Free 2-Week Subscription?

A:  You have two options to make any changes to your account including changing your email address and password, updating payment options, and canceling your free 2-week trial.

DIY Option: Log in to your sip and om account on your desktop computer and go to the My Account tab. From there make your update selection and you're all set.

(For now it's not possible to make account changes via your app).

Do It For Me Option: Send us an email to sdn@support.com and we'll do any updates or cancelations for you within 24 hours (we strive to make it easy for you!).

Q:  What style of meditation does Mary share?

A:  Mary shares meditation as a form of self-improvement -- bringing out the best part of who you are. There is no dogma with meditation. Some people meditate as a spiritual practice. Some people meditate as a form of self-improvement or healing. People from all over the world meditate in the way that best represents their lifestyle and beliefs.

Q:  What is a Slow Down Guide?

A:  The weekly Slow Down Guides contain each week's meditation techniques organized for you in one place so you don't have to remember, "What was the affirmation, breathing technique, mudra, chakra, herb, etc.?" for a particular series. You can print out the Guides or keep them open in your browser for easy reference.

Q:  What is the Journal like?

A:  The weekly Journals are customized to each week's theme and offer you daily reflection questions. Writing down your reflections after you meditate is the ideal way to explore a particular series more in-depth. Many people keep the weekly Journal open on their browser and take a look at the daily reflections questions for each day to keep their thoughts uplifted.

Q:  How do I get the latest version of the app?

A:  For the latest version of sip and om visit the App Store from your iOS device and tap Updates in the bottom right corner. Scroll to find sip and om and tap Update. We're constantly making updates to sip and om per your recommendations so please send an email to us with your feedback to sdn@sipandom.com.


Q: Why does Mary guide us to relax our body during each episode?

A: During each meditation, you are guided by a full body relaxation. This is done for two reasons, First, it acts as a cue to trigger your mind and body to begin to relax. You naturally train yourself to go into meditation mode.

Second, it allows you to transition from the distractions and drama of whatever you were doing before you sat down to meditate to a state of inner stillness. Even for long-time meditators, it's pretty difficult to sit down and immediately go into inner stillness. It usually takes some time to transition. A meditation technique allows you to ease into your meditation at your own pace.


Q:  What IS Meditation?

Okay. Let's start with what meditation is NOT. Here we go...meditation is NOT just sitting on your mat zoning out, it doesn't involve sitting in the lotus position for an hour, it's not a religion or a cult. Meditation is not gardening, or hiking, or painting, or taking a nap (those things are good for you but they're NOT meditation.)

Meditation IS when your mind and body are calm, and your heart is open. Meditation is connecting you to the best part of yourself.

Q:  Do I have to sit in the lotus position for an hour to meditate?

You can sit anywhere you want to. You can meditate for however long you feel good doing it.  Just keep your spine straight.

Q:  What if I don't have time to meditate.

A: Do you have less time to spare than it likely takes to check your email inbox? Then you have time to meditate. Click here to discover why you don't have time NOT to meditate. It only takes consistently meditating for 15 minutes a day to eventually create new neural pathways in your brain. Meditation actually saves you time.

Q:  There's no way I could sit still for even a few minutes.

A: Congratulations!  Some of the best meditators have the most energy. You have to have the energy to meditate.Meditation is one of the most dynamic things you can do to enhance literally every single area of your life. That's a pretty big undertaking that requires energy. Thank goodness you'll finally discover what to do with all your energy.

Q:  Do I have to be a vegetarian to meditate?

A: Only if you want to. Meat eaters are welcome.

Q:  Isn't meditation some kind of a religion from India?

A: There is no dogma with meditation. Meditation originated in India over 5,000 years ago. Some people experience meditation as a spiritual practice. People from all over the world meditate. Meditation is more of an art and a science than a religion.

Q:  Don't you have to be really disciplined in order to meditate? If I have extra time to spare I'd rather exercise than meditate.

A: Meditate first, then exercise. That way you'll have more energy during your workout, you'll be calmer afterward so that you can focus and get more things done, and you'll be happier during the rest of the day. If you exercise first, chances are you'll skip meditating because exercise doesn't give you the same level of peace, energy, and clarity that meditation gives you.

Q: How do I power through a plateau?

A: As with any ritual, you undertake you may notice yourself hitting a plateau with your meditation ritual. Now to worry. Here are a few suggestions to help you power through.

Suggestion 1  -  Try a new meditation technique.

Many times when you've hit a plateau it's because you're bored with your routine. Try some new meditation techniques such as chakras, mudras, and breathing techniques. These are techniques that engage you deep within your meditation ritual.

Suggestion 2  -  Try meditating outside, or at a different time.

Switch up your routine by meditating in a different location, especially outside. You might try meditating at a different time than usual. If mornings have been your regular time try meditating at night before you go to bed

Suggestion 3  -  Cut back on the amount of time you meditate.

You might try cutting back on the amount of time you meditate. Even sitting for 5-10 minutes can provide you benefits. The main thing is to stay consistent and not to give up on your ritual. Any amount of time you meditate will provide you more peace and clarity. We all go through rhythms in our life where interests and attention wanes. Recognizing this and accommodating yourself while still maintaining your meditation ritual will help to keep you on track.

Suggestion 4  -  Hook up with a meditation partner.

Meet with someone to meditate together in person or virtually to keep yourself accountable. Or simply share the ups and downs of your meditation ritual with another person bi-monthly. Meditating with a group of people is an excellent way to maintain motivation to meditate.


Q:  Can't herbs hurt you if you don't know what you're doing with them?

A: Herbs are powerful. They work. You should always do some research on your own, and check with your physician before you take any herb. This is especially true if you have a health or medical condition, and especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You also have to be careful when using herbs with children.

That being said, don't be afraid of herbs. We've become so removed from nature that we are almost afraid of the plants around us. We are losing the knowledge of how to use the herbs because of this fear. Just do your research, and select the ones that are right for you. You'll find your favorites, and they'll become like old friends before you know it.

Q:  Where can I find these herbs? I doubt my local grocery store even knows how to pronounce some of them.


You can find some of the more exotic sounding herbs online. Order organic whenever you can. You might be surprised by your grocery store. More and more stores are carrying all types of foods that were once considered a little more out of the ordinary.

If you have a burning question that I haven't answered then please send me an email to Mary@SipandOm.com, and I'll be sure to include it on the list.