How to Use Meditation Techniques

Mary Meckley

26 Jul 2022

The beauty of meditation techniques is that you can do them whether you're seated meditating, or in the midst of the most stressful part of your day.

What are Meditation Techniques?

Meditation techniques are ways to instantly calm your mind and body. Many have been in practice throughout millennia, beginning with the very first yogis of ancient India.

These days, there's more and more scientific evidence revealing the effectiveness of meditation techniques to manage stress, sleep better, focus your mind, and improve overall life satisfaction. 

How to Use Meditation Techniques Throughout Your Day

Meditation techniques are designed to be used both on and off your meditation cushion. If someone cuts you off in traffic you might try repeating an affirmation to calm frazzled nerves.

If you anticipate a difficult encounter with someone, you might practice a breathing technique you could do while you're managing your emotional state.

If you find yourself in physical pain, visualizing a peaceful location, or the face of someone you love, can help you endure physically painful episodes.

How to Use Meditation Techniques While Meditating

Meditation techniques can make all the difference when you meditate.

They help to focus your mind and calm your body.

It's rare to find a meditator who can sit down to meditate and instantly be transported to a state of inner stillness. That's because it takes the mind some time to transition from whatever you were doing before you sat down to meditate, to a state of peace and inner calm.

Even long-time meditators find meditation techniques supportive as they transition from active engagement in the world, to inner silence. 

The next time you sit down to meditate, try repeating an affirmation to focus your mind as you prepare to meditate. An affirmation is a positive statement that helps to focus your thoughts. For example, you might try affirming the affirmation, "Peace is within me." Repeat the affirmation mentally, or even out loud, several times.

Then, layer on a breathing technique to calm your mind and body. Try inhaling as you mentally repeat, "Peace." As you exhale, mentally repeat, "Calm."

Your New Secret Weapon

There are numerous meditation techniques. As you become familiar with different meditation techniques, you will discover favorites that seem to instantly calm you. They may become like your new secret weapon the next time you find yourself stressed whether your on or off your meditation cushion.

Be Guided Using Meditation Techniques Every Day

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