Meditation for the 21st Century

Be Naturally Calm

Start your sacred meditation practice to learn how to adapt to a new sense of calm. Live the very best version of you as content, free and more connected to the world.

Become a Better Human

Research reveals that when you focus on a positive habit for an entire week you are more likely to ingrain that quality into your life. The Sip and Om meditations explore a theme each week, allowing you enough time–30 minutes or less per day–to train your mind to focus. 

Once your mind finds the stillness of focus, you receive more peace, more clarity and a more enjoyable human experience.

We Make Meditation Effortless

The Sip and Om App simplifies your meditation practice by delivering fresh content all wrapped up into a brand-new, guided meditation session every single day. These sessions are 30 minutes in length, but the daily time spent is fully in your control.

Once you press play, you receive tips on how to process the weekly theme or emotion along with a meditation technique to help you when you’re triggered by this stressor. Within ten minutes, you are eased into a guided meditation set to peaceful music.

Meditation For The Modern World

Meditation rituals have been a revered practiced for thousands of years, but with the Sip and Om App it becomes an easy to implement daily practice for your modern life. Mediation can happen whenever and wherever it is convenient of you.

Library of Meditations

Browse an extensive library of 1,000+ guided meditations that are carefully crafted to enhance your daily life. Within the library, meditations are organized by weekly themes so you can choose which emotion you want to explore.