1 app with 3 ways to stay present in your daily life


Choose from hundreds of weekly meditation journeys focused on a theme

Inner Growth

Set personal goals with in-app journaling, mood tracking, and weekly intentions

Habit And Ritual Builder

Create and track healthy habits to optimize your meditation lifestyle

Why A Weekly Series?

Meditation is a lifestyle. A weekly meditation series guides you with a fresh daily meditation focused on a theme. Exploring a theme for a week is the best way to make meditation a lifestyle.


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Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7

Start With Daily Om

Start your day with a daily dose of inspiration to manage modern day stressors.


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Energy Audio

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How To

How To

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Select the kind of support you need most from a Library of 2000+ meditations.

Quest And Playlists

Consistency is the key to maintaining your meditation ritual. Create an engaging Playlist or go on a transformative meditation Quest focused on what you want to manifest in your life.

  • Create your own meditation Playlist
  • Challenge yourself with a dedicated meditation Quest
  • Download meditations to your device to make them available offline

Create your meditation lifestyle

Keep the peace, energy, and clarity of your meditation ritual with you as navigate your day. Create sacred meditation touch points throughout your day as part of your new meditation lifestyle.

Daily Wisdom and Inspiration

Immerse yourself in an abundant Library of Meditations that offers weekly themed meditation series for the kind of support you need most. Each series comes with its own Reflection Journal and Slow Down Guide to take you more deeply into a weekly theme.

Manifesting Intentions

Set an intention at the beginning of each week based on the theme of the meditation series you're exploring. Intentions are saved on a special Manifestation Tree. You you can review your weekly intentions to track your progress.

Mood Mindfulness

Track your moods and notice patterns in the way you manage stress in your day-to-day life.


Receive a daily Reflection Question focused on the weekly theme to record your innermost thoughts.

Lifestyle Habit Builder

Create and track habits that support your mind, body and spirit.

Manifest Your Intentions

Set your weekly intention focused on the weekly meditation theme. When you complete your meditation series, a sacred flag is added to your Manifestation tree! You can read through past weekly intentions by clicking on your special flags as they blow in the breeze on the Bodhi tree.


Receive a daily reflection question focused on the weekly theme you’re exploring:

Take a look at the daily reflection question on the weekly Journal before meditating.

Reflect on the question as you meditate.

After meditating, write down your thoughts and reflections in the Journal.

Our Users Share Their Experience

I went from one situation to the next calmly

An emergency hospitalization, a bereavement, and a difficult emotional issue. I went from one situation to the next calmly. Thank you for your meditations.

Brid O' Brien

Relevant and current

Relevant, current, as well as positive and motivating. Looking forward to continuing the journey and improving my meditations.

Chris D' Orio

Mary in my hip pocket

I SO ENJOY my walking meditations with Mary in my hip pocket!

Jackie Ulmer

It lifts me up from whatever is going on in my life

I look forward to downloading your new meditation everyday. It inspires me and lifts me up from whatever is going on in my life.

Rebecca May

I enjoy the daily focuses and weekly challenges

I really enjoy the daily focuses and weekly challenges that keep things fresh and give us something specific to focus on throughout the day and week.

Kelley Todd

I'm feeling an awareness I haven't felt in awhile

I'm feeling an awareness I haven't felt in awhile. I thank meditation for saving my life.

Donna Rebecca Wright

First time I have stuck with meditation...

I love the Quest and how it is so well structured. I love how Mary incorporates chakras, mudras, breathing, affirmation, visualization, etc. First time I have stuck with meditation...

Emily Steffensmeier

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  • Personal playlists and pre-populated Quests
  • Mood and lifestyle tracker to build better habits





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