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One of our specialties is customizing sponsor packages that listeners actually listen to! We like to feature our sponsors in an engaging way so that our audience won't fast forward through the ad.

With over 2,600 episodes, more than 75 million downloads and 2 million monthly listens, host and creator of the Daily Meditation Podcast, Mary Meckley, has created a passionate, dedicated audience of fellow meditators.

About The Daily Meditation Podcast

  • Launched in 2014
  • 2,600+ episodes published
  • Over 2 million monthly listens
  • 75 million listens to date
  • Majority of listeners are in the U.S.
  • Listeners are searching for ways to sleep better, reduce anxiety, heal from pain and trauma, and live a healthier, happier life

One-of-a-Kind Sponsor Opportunities

We look forward to helping you create a sponsor experience that truly connects with our audience. From Bundled Ads Read by Mary to the Exclusive Meditation Series Experience, we make sure our audience connects with you.

1. Bundled Ads Read by Mary: select from one of our bundled meditation packages that offers extensive reach beyond the traditional host-read ad. Every action taken below is to present you in an engaging way to our audience so they don't scroll through the ad.

  • 30-second pre-roll (beginning of show)
  • 10-second mid-roll (middle of show)
  • You are featured on the show notes page of every episode you sponsor
  • You are featured on the Products I Love page for the entire month in which your sponsorship runs
  • You are included in the weekly Instant Om newsletter for the entire month in which your sponsorship runs
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  • You receive one-to-one support from our team to produce engaging ads that ensure the highest ROI 

2. Exclusive Meditation Series Experience: unlike anything offered in the podcast world. It's like having a song written for you, only better! You receive a full week, 7 days, of attention and focus on your product, program, course, book, or offering. This is a highly personalized experience that creates a deep connection with our audience. We make this experience seamless for you. You simply show up and we take you by the hand and connect you with our audience. After a week of shining the spotlight on your greatness, our audience feels like you're a part of their meditation lifestyle.

  • 30-minute interview with you (or someone who you think would best represent your message) 
  • 7-days focused on your message including daily quotes and tips that you select
  • You select the week's meditation theme
  • You select the week's daily challenge
  • You select your favorite relaxation techniques that Mary will guide the audience to do throughout the week. (Mary will also customize techniques exclusively for your message).
  • You are featured daily on Sip and Om's Instagram and Facebook stories
  • You are featured on the show notes page of the episode you sponsor
  • You are featured on the Products I Love page for the entire month in which your sponsorship runs
  • You are included in the weekly Instant Om newsletter for the entire month in which your sponsorship runs
  • You receive one-to-one support from our team to produce engaging daily episodes that ensure the highest ROI 

Please contact us here and take a look at our video below for information on our unique Meditation Series packages!

Past and Current Daily Meditation Podcast Sponsors Include:

The Better Help App: BetterHelp is customized online therapy that offers video, phone, and even live chat sessions with your therapist, so you don’t have to see anyone on camera if you don’t want to. It’s much more affordable than in-person therapy and you can be matched with a therapist in under 48 hours. 

HelloFresh: With HelloFresh, you get farm-fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and seasonal recipes delivered right to your doorstep. Skip trips to the grocery store and count on HelloFresh to make home cooking easy, fun, AND affordable – that’s why it’s America’s #1 meal kit!

Theragun: Don’t let the stress of daily life weigh on your body. Whether you’re an elite athlete or someone like me, just trying to make it through the day tension free - Theragun can help.

Athletic Greens: Reclaim your health and arm your immune system with convenient, daily nutrition — especially heading into the flu and cold season! It’s just one scoop in a cup of water every day. That’s it! No need for a million different pills and supplements to look out for your health.

The Coldest Water: The Coldest Water, a company at war with HOT. They believe that The COLDEST things are the best things in life. Built for athletes and high performers, they are famous for creating The Coldest Water Bottles, to The Coldest Pillow, to The Coldest Icepacks. They have even developed The Coldest Dog Bed, and Dog Bowl to keep your furry friends cooler during the hotter months.

AprilAire: AprilAire believes everyone deserves healthy air. AprilAire, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can help reduce stress, enhance creativity, increase clarity of thought, prevent illness, expedite healing, and improve your well-being.