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Whether you purchased the Sip and Om meditation app or one of our exclusive meditation series, we hope you enjoy more peace, energy, and clarity.

Our Refund Policy

Meditation App

We do not offer refunds on the Sip and Om meditation app. You may simply unsubscribe from the app if you no longer wish to receive the daily guided meditations. To unsubscribe from the Sip and Om meditation app, go to Subscriptions on your device and uninstall the app. You'll be all set.

Meditation Series

We do not offer refunds on the meditation series. Once you purchase an exclusive meditation series, the entire collection is yours to keep forever! When you purchase a series, you immediately receive 7-guided meditation downloadable files, the Weekly Reflection Journal, and the Slow Down Guide. 

Please Let Me Know if You Are Not Pleased With Your Purchase

Again, thank you very much for purchasing the meditations! If you are unsatisfied for any reason with your purchase, please send an email to It's important to me that you enjoy the meditations. If for any reason, any of your purchases are not a fit for you, please do reach out to me.

Your feedback is very valuable to me and I seriously consider any insight or recommendations you provide.

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