Winter Solstice Guided Meditation

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Winter Solstice Meditation

A winter solstice meditation seems instinctive.

Meditating on the the darkest, longest night of the year seems like the most natural thing to do.

For me, it prompts a visit to my local IKEA to stock up on their bargain-priced boxes of candles in anticipation of the event.

Even if you’ve never meditated in your life, you might feel inclined to sit in silence with your eyes closed during this longest of nights.


The long hours of darkness on the Winter Solstice almost beg for the introspection of meditation.


You feel compelled to curl up in a quiet space, withdraw inward, and become reflective.

On the other hand, you might actually feel a little depressed by the darkness.

Right smack in the midst of winter, winter solstice can feel a bit solemn. And cold outside.

Except if you live in the Sunshine state of Florida, like I do, and in that case, it’s still pretty warm outside. But we still have the darkness, scented with jasmine, I might add.

The darkness is what can make the winter solstice seem depressing.

But before you hunker down in a quiet place to be subdued, consider that the winter solstice has always been celebrated by ancient cultures around the world as anything but somber.

Watch the video below for a 5 minute Winter Solstice Guided Meditation. If you prefer to read, scroll down below to read about how to do a simple Winter Solstice meditation.

The winter solstice is all about the light.

Winter solstice is a time to usher in warmth.

It’s also a time to welcome the upcoming longer days of a fast approaching spring.

It might take several months for that warmth and light of spring to actually reach you but it gives you hope.

The Romans celebrated the darkest night of the year with a gigantic festival where they honored family and forgave grudges. The Scandinavians ushered it in by lighting a Yule, or Juul, log. The Incans celebrated it with a lighted procession.


The ancient yogis considered the winter solstice to be an especially auspicious time to meditate.


I love meditating during those auspicious times because I feel like I get extra meditation bonus points.

When you meditate during the winter solstice do so with joy and light, and lots of IKEA candles.

I thought I’d share my favorite way to celebrate the winter solstice as it is one of my personal favorite celebrations.

It’s a day when I keep things simple.

I don’t eat much, or do much until dusk approaches.

Then my family and I light all those candles and meditate.

Afterwards we celebrate with another simple meal, and we sip lots of tea.

I’m sharing a Winter Solstice Meditation with you on the darkest day of the year. This is a meditation from a book by Jane Alexander called, “The Smudging and Blessing Book.”

I challenge you to usher in the light with this simple guided meditation on the darkest night of the year.

All you will need for this meditation is a comfortable place to sit down, a straight spine, and candles. This is a good meditation to do with others but you can also do it alone.

If you do this meditation in a group sit in a circle and place a lighted candle in the middle of the circle.

Winter Solstice Guided Meditation


  • Step 1

Start this meditation at dusk just as the light is fading. Light a candle, and place it in front of you. If you are meditating with others, place it in the middle of your circle.

  • Step 2

Sit up straight, close your eyes, and think about the most significant people in your life. Especially think about your family. If you are not on the best of terms with your family, forgive anyone you might be feeling resentment towards. Release any resentment because on this night of the winter solstice you are focusing on light.

  • Step 3

Give thanks to the people in your life. Picture each person in your mind and imagine giving them a gift. Give them a gift of quality such as joy, peace, and abundance.

  • Step 4

By now it will likely be dark. Allow yourself to meditate in the dark with only the light of your candle.

  • Step 5

After your meditation, light more candles in the room so that there is brightness all around you. Smudge yourself, and those with you. Smudge using herbs such as rosemary or lavender. As you smudge give thanks for the light within you.


You might be wondering about all that talk about smudging. No worries at all! I’ve provide a video that explains all about it:

How to Do a Seasonal Smudging video can be viewed by clicking here.

Do me a favor and leave a comment below to let me know how you celebrate winter solstice, or if you even celebrate it at all.

I’d love to hear all about it!