Cleanse 4-Week Herbal Journey

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The herbs you'll meet on your 4-week Cleanse Journey are often considered to be weeds, or nuisance plants. Don't be fooled by their disguises. Sometimes, the most potent plants conceal their goodness behind thistles and thorns. 

As you sip your cleansing herbs, the goop and the grime from day-to-day neglect slip away to reveal your true inner beauty. Your Cleanse herbal collection have been soothing tired minds and bodies for centuries. 

Consider keeping an Herbal Journal throughout this month long journey as you become familiar with herbs that may become partners in your Peaceful Sleep Plan. Take note of how you feel after you sip your new friends as you do the relaxation techniques on the MeditTEAtion Cards you'll find in your teabox. Remember, each teaspoon of your high quality herbs can be brewed for 2-3 steepings, providing you with a weeklong emersion with each herb. Happy sipping!



You may know nettle as the prickly-leafed plant you pulled from your lawn as a weed. Nettle conceals its goodness with stinging needles yet its benefits extend far and wide -- nettle has been eaten in the wild, applied topically to skin, and sipped as a tea for centuries.


Cleavers has a reputation as being a nuisance herb because of the way its seeds and leaves stick to passersby as they brush against it. Not meaning to be clingy, cleavers is simply eager to impart its detox and cleansing talents.


This unassuming root is often an ingredient in skincare products for its purifying effects. Whether eaten, sipped or applied topically, burdock is proud of its cleansing and toning reputation.


Used in ancient times as protection to ward off evil, these days red clover acts as protection from modern day stress. The flowers from this herb lend a fragrant taste to your tea.

You'll find soothing meditation techniques that compliment the special qualities of each herb on the Confidence Calendar and MediTEAtion cards. 


Just like herbs, meditation techniques have been used for thousands of years to holistically calm the body and mind. Within your tea box, you receive four collectible mediTEAtion cards. Each card reveals customized relaxation techniques you can do in 5 minutes or less that are specifically designed to complement the benefits of each of the herbs. You’ll never sip tea the same way again once you experience a mediTEAtion. It’s like sipping calm right from your teacup.

  • repeat an affirmation
  • hold your hand in a mudra
  • focus on a chakra
  • move gently into a yoga posture
  • practice a breathing technique
  • attune to the wisdom of the herbs

Open your tea box to discover four new, special herbs with four customized mediTEAtion cards. Enter into a state of pure peace by following a set of herb inspired relaxation techniques on herb-inspired mediTEAtion cards to help you completely relax and unwind.


Your 4-week Clarity Calendar gently guides you though your monthlong journey with your unique set of herbs. While you sip your daily cup of tea, keep track of each day's simple, soothing relaxation technique. Always know the day's technique. Each technique is designed to give you more peace, energy and clarity.

** Calendar and MediTEAtion cards are coated to be durable despite any tea spills and for use again and again. 

** Each herb will provide a full cup of tea every day for one week.