Lemon Balm Tea for Insomnia

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Lemon Balm


Lemon balm tea is my go-to tea for insomnia.


Chamomile tea might come to mind when you think about a tea to help you sleep better.


Chamomile will help you get more zzzz’s but lemon balm is also a standout herb for insomnia.


Lemon balm has been used as far back as the middle ages to:


  • enhance sleep

  • reduce stress

  • relieve anxiety

  • soothe indigestion

  • promote faster healing of cold sores


Lemon balm combined with other sleep promoting herbs such as valerian and chamomile helps improve sleep.


Ways to Include Lemon Balm in Your Life


  • Grow lemon balm in a pot, and clip a few leaves to add to drinks and salads.

  • Add a few leaves of lemon balm to your tea.

  • Place a few leaves of lemon balm in a glass of water with a slice of lemon.

  • Heal cold sores by dabbing them with cotton balls soaked in lemon balm tea.

  • Soak in a bath with crushed lemon balm leaves to soothe your skin.


When you find yourself suffering from insomnia don’t forget about meditation.


Meditation is one of the best ways to help you sleep better. 


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