How to Do a Fire Ceremony

how to do a fire ceremony, fall equinox

Change is in the air.

Do you feel the transition?


All you have to do is take a look outside to realize that nature is transforming itself.


Even though I have to keep that big pumpkin in the photo above inside our air conditioned house so that it won’t rot in Florida’s steamy temperatures, I still notice that autumn has arrived.

The leaves on the trees may not have changed color around me but the daylight hours are dwindling. 


How about you?


Are you slowing down?


Or are you busy being *caught up* in your day-to-day life? Maybe all you feel when you take a look at the changes around you is one big disconnect.


If this sounds a little too close to home, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Autumn is a time of renewal.


Yes, you may be busy, but give yourself permission to do some transitioning of your own, and you’ll notice you have more peace, energy, and clarity to get through your days. Especially the busy days coming up as the holiday season approaches.


And this week I’m sharing a fun way for you to pull it all together in a tangible way by creating your own fire ceremony.


Now’s your chance! Don’t miss out.


Click on the video below and watch how to move past all those things that are holding you back from the life you KNOW you need to be living.



If you’re not sure what a fire ceremony is, you could think of it as a way to usher in the kind of change you want to see in your life.


When you enter a time of transition, or change, you may feel a little unsettled.  A fire ceremony casts away the “old* and helps you clarify your  *new* intentions.


In autumn, trees perform their own fire ceremony with a burst of color before they enter a time of renewal, as they gather strength before they bloom again in the spring.


It’s very simple and enriching to perform your own personal fire ceremony every now and then. The change of seasons is the ideal time to do one so that you can transition right along with nature.


How to Perform Your Own Personal Fire Ceremony


One of the most important aspects of your fire ceremony is the intention you put into it. Be thinking about what you want to cast out of your life, and what you want to usher into it.




*a fireproof container (I use a metal bowl, you could also use a saucepan)


*aluminum foil to line your container




*twigs, dried herb bundles (to create a fragrant fire)


*wadded up paper to get the fire going


*2 pieces of paper to write down your intentions, and a pen


*water, to douse the fire after you’ve completed your ceremony

Step 1

Write down your intentions. One one piece of paper write down all that you want to cast out of your life. On the other piece of paper, write down all that you want to bring into your life.

Step 2

Get the container ready. Line your fireproof container with aluminum foil. You’ll want to set your container on a fireproof surface once it’s lit because it will be too hot to hold in your hands.

Step 3

Prepare the fire. Add some wadded up paper to your container to help start the fire. Then, add twigs and herbs on top of that.

Step 4

Light the fire. Again, so as not to burn yourself, take care not to hold the container in your hands while the fire is burning. Instead, set it on a fireproof surface.

Step 5

Add your intentions to the fire. Begin by putting the list of all that you want to cast out of your life into the fire. Reflect on it, and watch it vanish into smoke as it burns. Next, add to the fire your list of what you want to usher into your life. Imagine your new intentions burning with new life as they merge with the flames.


You may want to spend some time meditating after performing your ceremony. This will allow the new changes you seek to really sink in.


Please leave me a comment below, and let me know how your fire ceremony goes! This is also a wonderful gift to Tweet to friends you know who may be in transition time.