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How to Use Meditation Techniques

Mary Meckley

26 Jul 2022

The beauty of meditation techniques is that you can do them whether you're seated meditating, or in the midst of the most stressful part of your da...

Meet Your Chakras

Mary Meckley

26 Jul 2022

Have you ever wondered where your emotions go once you've experienced them? You may guess that they become a memory. But where is the memory held?...

The Benefits of Visualization

Mary Meckley

20 Jul 2022

What's one thing many high achievers do when they set big goals for themselves? They do a mentally focused process called visualization. Visualizat...

4 Simple Meditation-Free Rituals

Mary Meckley

07 Jul 2022

Let's be honest. Does the thought of sitting down to meditate seem like a ritual that interrupts your day?The benefits of meditation are solidly pr...

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